Privacy Policy
The Kansai foods export promotion cooperative association (Hereinafter referred as “association”) promote the protection of the personal information from providing the privacy policy, building the structure of privacy protection, improving the recognition and action of the importance of the privacy protection thoroughly in place to whole workers.
1. The Information Provided by You
The association would reserve the personal information properly not by dishonest means.
2. The Use of Your Personal Information
The personal information, which you provide to us, will be used for the following purposes.
We will not use the personal information that is not mentioned following purposes, unless we obtain the said principal approval.
1. Request for the quotation, answer for the enquiry, and deliver for the broacher
2. Delivery the ordered products.
3. Providing the information of seminars, each product, and service.
3. Management of Personal Information
The association takes the proper and necessary measures to prevent the information from being leakage, lost, misused, altered, or accessed without authorization, and other safety management of the personal information.
4. Consignment of Personal Information
In case the association consigns the handling all or part of the personal information to the third party, association would supervise necessarily and appropriately, investigating the third party thoroughly consigned the handling the personal information should be managed safely.
In addition, there are cases handling of the personal information is consigned, in case the work is collaborated with the third party to accomplish the work of applying the ISMS, applying Privacy Mark, and Consulting.
5. Providing the Third Party of the Personal Information
The association would not provide any personal information to the third party without obtaining the personal approval, except for the case of regulated by the Privacy Protection Law (etc.).
6. Disclosure and Correction (etc.) of the Personal Information
The association would disclose immediately, in case the person request to disclose the own personal information. In that case, if the identity verification is not able to complete, the request shall not be able to comply. Please contact to the following for any enquiries, regarding any requests or enquiries about above matters for handling the personal information of the association.

The Kansai foods export promotion cooperative association
TEL:(+81) 06-4708-7084
7. The Association and the Organization
Chairman, Tsuyoshi Uchihataya of The Kansai foods export promotion cooperative association would be the person responsible for management of the personal information, and conduct an operation of continuous improvement and appropriate management of the personal information.
8. Amendments to the Privacy Policy
The company may from time to time revise its privacy policy without prior notice to customers. Revised private policy shall be effective at the time of its published on the website of the association, except for the case to be determined separately.